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In our last offering we talked about infertility and the classifications of infertility; Primary and Secondary Infertility. In this post we will focus on the major causes of infertility.

As highlighted in the last post, the first step to treating infertility is a proper diagnosis. This diagnosis should be carried out by a trained practitioner and very often, the following are statistically adduced as the leading causes of infertility;

*****Causes Of Infertility*****

1. Sexually Transmitted Infection

This refers to a class of infection which are primarily transmitted through sexual interaction. When left untreated or not properly treated, STDs/STIs like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) cause substantial damage to the reproductive system of the host thereby causing infertility.

2. Uterine Fibroids

These refer to a class of benign tumors found in the uterus and or fallopian tubes of females of reproductive age. These tumors depending on their size could make implantation difficult or impossible in some cases thereby leading to infertility.

3. Tubal Blockage

This refers to a condition where one or both fallopian tubes have been blocked by scar tissue, infections or pelvic adhesion. This blockage thus makes the passage of sperm or fertilized eggs impossible

4. Low Sperm Count

This is a measure of the quality of sperm cells in an ejaculate. It measures the average number of motile sperms in an ejaculate. The motility and number of sperms is important because sperms have a long tortuous path to travel to reach eggs for fertilization. This therefore means the greater the number of motile sperms the greater the chances of fertilization and conception. By convention, any ejaculate with less than 39 million sperm cells is considered low.

5. Low Ovarian Reserve

This refers to the inability of the ovaries to produce quality eggs regularly. This often results as a result of hormonal problems or aging.

6. Trauma

This refers to the occurrence of substantial tissue damage as a result of blunt force or penetrative objects. Sometimes, trauma results in partial or total damage of reproductive organs thus impairing fertility of the bearer.

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