The issue of fertility is a very sensitive one. It’s one that evokes a feeling of inadequacy and sometimes shame in the lives of people termed infertile or experiencing delays in child bearing. A while ago, I had a session with a young couple who anxiously paced about my reception while they waited to see me. As soon as they were sat in my office, the first thing they could say was “Please dear ma, help us overcome our infertility. We have been married for six months and haven’t been pregnant once” Their worry was so palpable on their faces that I retorted “You are not infertile” at least it was too soon to say. ************************************************* Dear cherished reader, you are cordially invited to a special fertility clinic and couple’s retreat tagged “The Cord Of Love” . It would afford us the opportunity to meet in person and attend to all your questions while also consulting with patients. All our products will be available on show on the day. The program will hold on the 26th of February 2022 at The prestigious Music House, Fresh FM Ibadan. I look forward to meeting you. *************************************************** Infertility can be described as the inability of a Trying To Conceive (TTC) couple to conceive after one and a half years (18 months) of regular sexual intercourse. This therefore means you are expected to seek medical help after 18 months of trying without success. In this three part series we will be discussing 1) types of infertility, 2) causes of infertility and 3) solutions for infertility. As with all challenges, the first step towards a holistic solution is proper diagnosis. This starts with collection of health and reproductive history of the couple. This history will give insight as to the class of infertility affecting either or both partners. Broadly speaking, infertility can be classified as: 1. Primary Infertility This refers to a condition where a person (male or female) of reproductive age has yet to or never been involved in the act of successful conception. Very simply put, this implies that they have never been pregnant together or with other partners. 2. Secondary Infertility This refers to a condition where a person (male or female) of reproductive age has ever been involved act of successful conception. In essence, they have been pregnant before either together or other partners. Having completed the documentation of their medical and reproductive history the next step is diagnosis to determine the cause(s) of their infertility. We will do a detailed break down of common and the not so common causes of infertility in our next blog post. For now, my message to you is to remain tranquil and expectant because whatever the cause of the infertility there’s definitely a way out of it. A good step to improving your chances and maintaining your fertility is Enny Fertility Tea. It was special developed to boost fertility by improving hormonal balance thus keeping the reproductive system well greased and ready for conception. Until our next post, bye for now                                    

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